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Health and beauty have always been of interest to people. European prices deny many people the chance to fulfil their dreams and improve their health. Many people are afraid to travel outside their own country because they are not sure about the providers or the final price. With the idea of helping people, our company was born. Our company offers medical tourism services. We are representatives of different clinics and hospitals located in Turkey. We have contracts with our partners and have maximum fixed prices.

Turkish clinics and hospitals are of a high standard and comparable to European standards, staffed by qualified doctors. Offers include 5* star hotels, transfers and optional excursions. There is an interpreter service and a 24-hour assistant or chaperone.Enjoy our fantastic dental offers and travel destinations!Choose one of our service packages and enjoy your dream smile!

About Us


Hair transplant and treatment

-IFue technique DHI- CHOI
- Pen technique
- Hair mesotherapy
- Hair PRP
- Non shave hair transplant
- Needle free anesthesia
- Beard transplant
- Which transplant
- Eyebrow transplant

Plastic surgery

- Liposuction
- Breast implant
- Breast estetic surgery
- Gluteal implant
- Six-pack
- High definition
- Facelift
- Fox eyes

Dental health and diseases

- Implant
- Teeth whitening
- Smile design
- Zirconium coating
- Laminated coating
- Gingual diseases
- Odor treatment
- Pedodonty
- Pediatric dentistry
- Extraction of wisdom teeth
- Canal treatment
- Aesthetic composite filling
- Sinus surgeries
- Orthodontic
- Prosthesis

Medical aesthetic

- Biofiller natural filler and skin rejuvenation
- ICE laser epilation
- Skin care
- Cosmetic treatments
- Skin PRP treatment
- Hair PRP treatment
- Youth vaccine
- Filling
-Face lift with theard
-Regional slimming
-Non surgery face lift


- Computerized tomography
- Magnetic resonance imaging
- Special radiological examinations
- Colour Doppler reviews
- All direct radiological examinations
- Contrast study
- Medical pathological examinators
- Prosthesis

Heart and vascular diseases ( Cardiology)

- E
- Ecography

- Rhythm Holter

- Tession Holter

- Angio + Stent
- Ozone Therapy


Our Services

Our Accomodation

Our Accomodation
hall dell'ospedale


  • 5 Star Hotel
    Transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport

  • Driver Hotel-Clinic-Hotel

  • Personal Driver 1-2 Days

  • 1 Day Excursion

  • Support on-line 24h

  • 5 Star Hotel
    Transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport

  • Driver Hotel-Clinic-Hotel

  • Support on-line 24h

  • 3 Star Hotel
    Transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport

  • Driver Hotel-Clinic-Hotel

  • Support on-line From 9.00am to 11pm.




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